The Zettelkasten Manual

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The Zettelkasten Manual

Zettelkasten Best Practice
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The manual of a personal knowledge organizing system that lasts for a lifetime.

✅ What it is

  • Proven working by German academia
  • The culmination of years’ practice
  • Works the same way as the brain
  • Grows exponentially as you grow
  • Increases productivity
  • Generates creativity
  • A second brain
  • Lasts for a lifetime

❌ What it is NOT

  • It does NOT depend on any specific software or application
  • Most existing software (if not all) claiming to adopt this system are missing the point
  • It does NOT make you achieve more without your effort
  • It's NOT overwhelmingly complicated by any intentional manipulation

Who it is for

Knowledge workers

  • Want to accumulate knowledge as you learn?
  • Bad memory on remembering what you've learned before?

Creators & makers of creativity

  • Finding idea sparks?
  • Trying to find or build connections between your ideas?

Lifelong learners

  • Taking notes everywhere only finds out nothing works?
  • Seeking a solution to a personal knowledge base?
  • You learn all kinds of things what are the connections among them?

What you get

Full course on the system

  • WHAT it is
  • WHY it works
  • HOW it works

Complete adopting guide

  • What you need
  • The key points
  • Workflows
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Everything you need to understand the what, how, and why then you can start to accumulate your own knowledge and keep them for a lifetime.

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